48 hours in Bangkok: Places to visit

by michgraune

Bangkok is one of the world’s top tourist destination’s cities and has a lot to offer. From Royal palaces and temples to several museums which contributes to major historical and cultural attractions. The bustling nightlife and dining experiences that offers affordable prices and extensive range choices.


Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city. If you are feeling adventurous and has limited time in the town, which I had. Here are the top tourist destinations that you should visit and do when you’re in Bangkok.

We booked a group tour from Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market on the first day and Bangkok to Ayutthaya and Bang Pa-In Palace on the second day to make this trip easy. I recommend booking a tour since this requires a long journey through driving and a far reach of public transportation. Group tours are not expensive considering with lunch, transportation, and a tour guide.

DAY 1:

7:30 AM – 1:00 PM: Book a joined tour to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

The floating market is located in Ratchaburi province, a southern part of Bangkok which you need an ample amount of time to travel. The market is very lively and colorful where you can see numerous vendors selling local foods, fruits, and products on the rowing boats. You can explore freely around the market or hire a paddling boat along the canal and experience the once in a lifetime atmosphere of the traditional market.

Beautiful smiles from vendors all morning.

The most lively market I have been to.

2:00 -6:00 PM: Take the Chao Phraya Tourist boat.

It was easy to travel from pier to pier and visit the famous temples along the Chao Phraya river by taking the tourist boat. We didn’t miss to visit Wat Arun, Wat-Pho and the Grand Palace and took the opportunity the service of seeing Bangkok from a different perspective. The guided announcement for stops and the spacious seating in the boat makes the tourist boat unique than the other boat service in the river.

Guided leaflet with attraction on every stop.

Route: Sathorn pier (Central) – Phra Arthit Pier (N13)
Daily Service: 09:30 hrs. – 16:00 hrs.
Every 30 minutes from Sathorn Pier.
Ticket: ฿150
Unlimited Hop on and off on the river all day.

6:00 – 10:00 PM: Dine and drink in Khao San Road.

Experience and embrace the wild part of Bangkok, to which it has been known before as to backpackers haven to an endless string of bars and club both locals and foreign come together.

You will never get tired of seeing street vendors offering various of cheapest food in the city in 410 meters stretched road. From spring rolls, Pad Thai, hamburger joint, Pizza parlor and of course, plenty of Thai food.

DAY 2:

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM: Book a whole day Ayutthaya and Summer Palace (Bang Pa-In)  Tour.

I wouldn’t miss visiting Thailand’s ancient city which makes it the most popular day trips from Bangkok.  It is one of Unesco’s World Heritage List which is just an hour drive away from Bangkok. It was founded c. 1350, Ayutthaya became the second Siamese capital after Sukhothai. It was later than destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century. The remains that we saw during the tour are the prang (reliquary towers) and gigantic monasteries which gives an idea of its past splendor.

Beheaded Buddha sat in meditating silence.

Immerse yourself to historical sites and local culture.

The second stop in the afternoon is visiting Bang Pa-In Palace. Two options were getting around the Palace ground: by foot or by golf cart. We chose the golf cart, to rest our achy feet and it offers a lot of fun. Bang Pa-In Palace is also known as the Summer Palace, a complex used by the Thai Kings. It was initially constructed by King Prasat Thong in 1632 but have been disused and overgrown in 18th – the 19th century. Until King Mongkut restore the complex in the 19th century and open it to the public. I’m impressed by how vast the gardens and detailed landscaping that surrounds the building.

We booked our group tour through a Ronnie who is affiliated with a different travel agency in Bangkok. He can also arrange tours anywhere in Thailand. We are pleased with both of the trips, and all of the tour guides are equipped with knowledge. It’s worth the money!

Facebook page: All about Travel
Email address: paaronnie@gmail.com

You can book a personalize or private tour with him. I would suggest joining a group tour to make it more fun and if you worry about the money. We are picked up and dropped off from our hotel. Plus, it includes lunch if you will book a whole day activity. Now, who couldn’t resist Thai food? ♥

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wunderlifestyle October 24, 2017 - 6:54 am

I am so inlove with this post! Loving the photos as well!
Looking forward to read more from you! Please do check out our post http://wp.me/p92159-h0 ?

michgraune October 26, 2017 - 3:28 am

Thank you! I love your post about your country. Would definitely consider visiting Brunei soon. <3

wunderlifestyle October 27, 2017 - 2:10 am

would love to show you around!

Nicole October 31, 2017 - 12:30 pm

Hi! Where did you book your Damnoen Saduak & Ayutthaya Tour?

michgraune October 31, 2017 - 12:36 pm

Hi Nicole! I have a contact in Bangkok who’s affiliated in different travel agencies. If you are keen, I will ask for his contact details. 🙂

Nicole October 31, 2017 - 11:26 pm

I would love to get his contact number since im going to visit thailand this month 🙂

TheTrialistOnline November 3, 2017 - 9:30 pm

Loved this! Your post and pics makes me want to go back and stay longer!

michgraune November 7, 2017 - 12:27 pm

You won’t believe how many activities you can do in 48 hours in Bangkok. It was a bit of a rush but glad the tour covered everything! Thank you! 🙂

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