by michgraune

Welcome to mylusterlife.com

Hey there! I have a significant interest in Travel, Beauty, Makeup, and Photography; which I have been venturing out lately

Initially, I created this blog because I love traveling. Plus, writing is something that I enjoy in my spare time. But since I don’t fly that often, it’s not going to be about Travel all the time.  I’m just going to blog about things that I love to do, which are makeup, beauty, lifestyle, and events.

I’m a licensed Physiotherapist but have a great passion for makeup and creating art. I’m Married and living in Macau. My fascination with photography just started two years ago. To which, I greatly treasure the photos of my travels, special moments and celebrating life. I love taking landscape and portrait photos.

I have many hobbies and interest, which are cooking, running, working out, etc. I won’t spend too much time musing on; you have to follow my blog to find out more.



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